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The California Educational Computer Consortium (CECC) is a Joint Powers Authority that provides business and personnel systems and services to its members. Members include 5 county offices of education, 99 School Districts and approximately 499,785 ADA.

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The CECC business and personnel software is a complete, integrated package containing business, personnel and payroll functions automated through position control. CECC staff is in the process of re-engineering all systems to internet based technology using Microsoft industry standards. School site based budget and purchasing systems have been created for principals and staff.


CECC is governed by an Executive Board and supported by a Joint Subcommittee. The Executive Board consists of Assistant Superintendents of Business or Personnel. The Joint Subcommittee consists of their staff. Both entities comply with the Brown Act.


CECC services are fully funded by the members. The budget and fees are established annually by the Executive Board.


The San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools (SBCSS) is a member of CECC and also serves as the lead agent. The Technology JPA department of SBCSS provides the software development, maintenance and daily administration services.


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PROVIDING LEADING SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS ADMINISTRATION CECC is guided by an executive board which directs and controls the consortium, approves memberships and contracts, establishes fee structures, approves new project requests, and approves the consortium and project budgets. To allow for equal representation, each member appoints a representative to serve on the Board. Read more
SYSTEM SERVICES CECC provides the most tightly integrated and comprehensive business and personnel system for County Offices, their districts and Community College districts in the state of California. CECC's systems are developed in partnership with its members. Design criteria is derived from a management and an end user perspective, providing comprehensive and flexible, and scalable solutions. This approach optimizes flexibility and serves its purpose to both administrators and their staff in using the systems. TECHNICAL SOLUTION CECC legacy systems are being re-written over time, using Microsoft standards based technology. Specifically, the new systems are being written using SQL server, Visual Basic and .NET technologies. The new systems are bridged to the legacy systems using technology that keeps the data synchronized and accurate in real-time. Read more Read more




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