February 15, 2023


Announcing recently released programs: Compensation Analysis, EPICS Additional Earnings, and Financial Control.

Compensation Analysis:

Compensation Analysis is a comprehensive budgeting tool compiling data from EPICS and Payroll. The Load process imports employee and position baseline data including salaries, benefits, mandatories, retirement, stipends, other earnings, and additional costs for up to 5 years including step and no step. Apply projections through modeling and transfer to Budget Development for a completely integrated budgeting process.

EPICS Additional Earnings:

Additional Earnings is now located in the EPICS application on the Personnel > Edit Employee tab allowing for a seamless transition into Compensation Analysis. Use Additional Earnings to track stipends and non-position earnings for budgeting and reporting purposes.

Financial Control:

Financial Control provides districts the ability to close cash for a fiscal year preventing financial transactions from affecting cash balances. This application also includes a read only view of major ranges, combo codes, district settings, and budget and transaction statuses.

Application Reports:

Included in the release of these programs are new reports for Compensation Analysis and EPICS.
These reports quickly deliver essential data used for budget building and analysis.

For more details, check out the online videos and documentation accessible in Financial 2000.



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