May 23, 2024


In a digital world, where connections are constant, it’s crucial to stay vigilant for potential dangers, especially when protecting private information. One prevalent tactic, smishing, a blend of "SMS" and "phishing" involves fraudulent attempts through SMS (text messages) or other messaging platforms to deceive individuals into disclosing sensitive information. These messages may mimic legitimate communications and often prompt recipients to click on malicious links or provide confidential information.

The Employee Self-Service (ESS) website will never text or email you to ask for confidential, personal, or business-related information such as your Social Security Number, Tax ID Number, or security/user information (e.g. password). Watch this video for tips on how to protect yourself

Please share this information with all district personnel. You play a vital role in maintaining the security of your organization's data and protecting your personal information. Thank you for your continued commitment to cybersecurity best practices.





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