FEBRUARY 1, 2023


October 21, 2022


Additional Earnings will reside in the Financial 2000 EPICS > Edit Employee tab and will be available for use on February 2, 2023. The new section will replace the HP MAGIC Additional Earnings programs and will have separate security access to accommodate various district users.


Conversion from HP

An initial conversion from HP to EPICS is available by having your District Personnel Systems Administrator complete this form. Validate existing HP Additional Earnings records and have them ready to go for a seamless transition to Compensation Analysis! Deadline to submit a conversion request is Friday, January 20, 2023.


Integration for Budgeting

Compensation Analysis is the new budgeting tool that will replace the HP Salary Analysis Management System (SAMS) programs. Load Additional Earnings from EPICS into a Compensation Analysis dataset for use in the budget development process.


Reporting options will also be included in both EPICS and Compensation Analysis.





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