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CECC provides the most tightly integrated and comprehensive business and personnel system for County Offices, their districts and Community College districts in the state of California. CECC's systems are developed in partnership with its members. Design criteria is derived from a management and an end user perspective, providing comprehensive and flexible, and scalable solutions. This approach optimizes flexibility and serves its purpose to both administrators and their staff in using the systems.


CECC is committed to work in partnership with the California Department of Education and the chancellor's office to support and ensure software compliance. Whether it is budget, W2, 1099 or employee retirement reporting CECC relies heavily on it's member's expertise to keep abreast of legal issues.


The San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools develops and maintains the Department of Education Standardized Account Code Structure software. When modifications are made to the SACS software, changes are also made to the CECC financial system to provide seamless integration to the SACS software.


CECC believes system support is more than just program maintenance. Its support staff possess a unique blend of technical and business expertise to resolve the immediate and long-range concerns of the members. Educators, analysts, testers, documenters and programmers are all available to provide a truly powerful support mechanism.


CECC believes each member should receive total system support services based upon the members' unique needs. Support services range from telephone support to online data analysis from business issues to technical issues. These CECC staff assist the membership's staff in resolving immediate problems and in developing strategic plans which focus on the member's service needs.


Users may attend a wide variety of scheduled classroom courses taught by CECC staff. Customized and on-site training services are available to assist members in meeting their specific objectives.


Documentation goes hand-in-hand with all CECC software releases and updates. It is a CECC policy that neither of these will occur without documentation. All CECC user documentation is written and structured based on processes common to most educational business offices.


Technical user groups, education, and documentation are also part of CECC's support services. These services assist member's information technology staff with CECC system implementation, updates, and operations.


All of these services are standard procedure when new members elect CECC as their software solution. On-site conversions and installations are part and parcel of the initial "start-up" package. Customized plans are developed based upon the unique needs of each new member.





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